Hypnotists need to be very careful: David Days, a hypnotist performing in Portland, England, left three people in a trance on Friday night after being knocked out during a fall in the middle of his act.

Luckily, the people were fine, because there is no such thing as a hypnotic trance. Kidding! Obviously, hypnotic trances are totally real, and these poor, trapped people were saved only because Days regained consciousness and used his considerable mentalist skills to bring them out of their trances. And then he cast a spell on them to make sure it would never happen again. And then mounted his flying horse and took off to the skies, throwing gold coins at the people cheering below.

Kidding again! Flying horses, unlike hypnotism, are completely made-up. Days is reportedly fine, suffering only a "damaged ego," according to his manager. (Who happens to be the only person quoted in the Dorset Echo's story, but why wouldn't you believe his manager?) No word from his near-victims, who definitely exist and weren't audience plants.

[Dorset Echo via Drudge; image via Shutterstock]