The Kardashians throw a typically low-key engagement party. Paris Hilton throws a fit. A-Rod throws Cameron Diaz out. Saturday gossip is all about divas.

  • Khloe Kardashian posted some photos of her sister Kim's engagement party, and it's everything that a seven-year-old girl might dream of: Real live ponies, covered in glitter! A "princess cake"! It's like a Lisa Frank notebook, come to life! In related news, Kim (net worth: $35 million) and fiance Kris Humphries (net worth: $8 million) are drawing up a prenuptial agreement. We assume Kris is demanding future custody of the glitter ponies. [TMZ, Celebuzz]
  • What would you do if only 400,000 people watched a TV show about your life? Me, I would be surprised that so many people were interested in watching me read discussions about the possible parentage of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones message boards. But Paris Hilton seems to be taking the low ratings of her new Oxygen reality show hard: The heiress threw a tantrum backstage at The View, yelling at a producer because of the "tone of the interview," during which Barbara Walters criticized Hilton for complaining about 200 hours of community service. Hilton later canceled a lunch with with magazine editors, claiming to be sick and losing her voice. [NYP]
  • Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez apparently broke up, because Diaz "tried so hard to please him" but "went overboard" and then A-Rod woke up and New York City was totally empty and then it turned out his face got, like, burned off? And Penelope Cruz was there? [NYDN]
  • Poor Whitney Houston is planning on continuing treatment for addiction even after completing her month-long outpatient rehab program. The singer — who was reportedly embarrassing herself at Prince concerts in L.A. last month — is said to be hiring a "round-the-clock life coach to help keep her on track." Best of luck, Whit! [TMZ]
  • Gunsmoke's James Arness died at 88 of natural causes. [LAT]