Today chocolate manufacturer Cadbury released a statement apologizing for an ad that associated notorious supermodel Naomi Campbell with a chocolate bar. Campbell called the ad "racist" and said she planned to sue. Well, the apology is out of the way, but Campbell still isn't happy.

Cadbury said in a statement that it was "not our intention that this campaign should offend Naomi, her family or anybody else and we are sincerely sorry that it has done so." Campbell released her own statement today as well:

I'm pleased that Cadbury have made a 'sincere apology' in regards to their Bliss ad campaign. The advertisement was in poor taste on a number of levels, not least in the way they likened me to their chocolate bar. It is also a shame that it took so long for Cadbury to offer this apology.

Naomi previous said the ad made her feel "hurt." Did it hurt like a Blackberry to the face? Is that what it felt like?

Ms. Campbell also added in her statement that Cadbury should add some people of diverse backgrounds to the company boardroom to avoid any racist ads in the future. Well, you know what, we can't really argue so much with that!