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Students at Russellville Middle School in Arkansas hilariously included a list of the "Top 5 worst people of all time" in their yearbook, and the school is getting in some trouble thanks to the fourth and fifth ranked recipients of this historic award.

Here's the list:

1) Adolf Hitler
2) Osama Bin Laden
3) Charles Manson
4) George W. Bush
5) Dick Cheney

How great is that?

But some of the parents don't care for the list — and not because they think Cheney is ranked a little too low, as we'd guessed. The school administrators' decision to cover the list with black tape doesn't effectively mask their treason, either:

Open up the Russellville Middle School yearbook. You'll see the students' pictures, the administration, and a pretty controversial list that's supposed to be covered with a piece of black tape.

"My problem is the tape can be removed easily," said School Board Member Chris Cloud. Cloud has two kids in the Russellville School District and one brought home the yearbook.

"I'm furious as a parent and as a board member and as a tax payer and as a resident of Russellville," he said. "It's wrong."

School Board Member Chris Cloud should be, what, #2 on next year's list? Not quite Hitler, but certainly nipping at his heels.

[via Wonkette]