Ginormous Wal-Mart alternative Target is the subject of a unionization campaign at one of its New York stores. Because Target is a virulently anti-union company with a well-known reputation for ridiculously simplistic corporate propaganda, it's only natural they're bombarding their workers at this particular store with scaremongering documents. Which we have.

Here, you see two documents that Target has distributed to employees of the store at the center of the current union campaign. Their hints aren't very subtle: "Companies close stores for economic reasons. Our store will stay open only so long as it meets Target's economic and operational needs." Gee, what are they trying to say?

The other document is a super-scary warning to workers that "If you break any rule you could be put on TRIAL before the union bosses." Skeery.

This stuff pretty much speaks for itself. Target should be embarrassed. For a refresher on why Target workers might want a union, see here.