A hacker has been setting the internet on fire with nude pictures of Blake Lively, but which three guys did she send them to in the first place? This actress' kid accidentally brought her pot to school. And this actress is trying to fool her boyfriend into getting her pregnant. Is she sending naked pictures?

1. "So those nudes from yesterday and today that appear to be Blake Lively but are totally not Blake Lively? Let's guess the circumstances behind them. Were they taken for Totally Not Blake Lively's own amusement? Or maybe sent to a love interest? As it turns out, there were three different men on the receiving end of UnBlake's pics.

• Recipient 1: A costar.
• Recipient 2: A famous director with whom the person in the photos who is Totally Not Blake Lively has worked.
• Recipient 3: A non-famous guy. This batch has not yet hit the internet." [Celebs.com]

2. "This glowing TV star allegedly made a mistake most moms have never had to worry about. Her kids brown bag it at school most of the time and now they're getting old enough to pack their own lunches. One of her children accidentally packed a bag of pot that was in a ziploc baggie in the fridge and took it to school. No one noticed and the child brought it home telling mother that 'The green stuff is gross.' Luckily, not much of it was missing but it's caused the mom to clean up her act." [BuzzFoto]

3. "She is not pregnant… but she really wants to be! So while she may never marry her fiance, there's a good chance she will have his baby. Why? Because she stopped taking her birth control a couple of months ago. Without telling him. Well, at least a pregnancy will be really good for ratings!" [Blind Gossip]