In all the hustle and bustle of games of hunger and thrones and superhero adventures, we have forgotten our deeply held romantic passion. And that is a shame. Also today: Josh Lucas is the new Tom Cruise, the return of Tarzan, and a sweet gig for Jane Lynch.

  • ZOMPires! What have we (OK, I) been doing getting all crazy about Hunger Games, all the while completely forgetting Twilight??? The penultimate movie in the series, Breaking Wind Dawn Part 1, comes out in November and we've been completely neglecting it! Will Bella submit to Edward in eternal marriage and join him on his space planet given to him by the vampire angel Moroni? Will Jacob's oil-splashed wolf orgy ever end? Will Bella's dad find what it takes to learn to love again? We need to know! Luckily for us, MTV is going to show an exclusive clip during their "Movie Awards" that they seem to keep having for some reason, and there's already a brief bit of footage available that shows Bella and Edward's (Bledward's) wedding. I just gave birth to an exclamation point I am so excited. Just very excited. Will Kellan Lutz break out of the meat prison of his own making and finally be taken seriously?? Only time will tell! [THR]
  • So a while back NBC announced that they were going to do a TV series based on The Firm, the John Grisham novel turned terrific Tom Cruise thriller movie. OK, sure, that movie only came out eighteen years ago (dear god), so it's perfectly timely. But who would play beleaguered Mitch McDeere, coming out of hiding ten years after the events of the first story? Well, they've found their man, and it will be Matthew McCounaughey's artsy younger cousin Josh Lucas. That's perfectly decent casting. Lucas doesn't have the pretty-boy polish that Cruise did in the movie, he's a bit more scruffy and rough-and-tumble, but that's probably OK. We all know how that pretty-boy thing ended up anyhow. My big question about the series is if they'll find a way to bring back Holly Hunter's character, and if they do, who will play her. My suggestion? Holly freaking Hunter. [Deadline]
  • Speaking of blasts from the past, NBC, desperate for something, anything, that might work for them, has decided to go on ahead and bring back Fear Factor. So yay! More jiggly-breasted women eating bugs and amateur body-builders doing ungraceful bungee jumps. The big question, of course, is whether Joe Rogan will be back as host. If not, my suggestion for a replacement? Holly freaking Hunter. [EW]
  • It seems that little Marty Skorksee is thinking about doing a movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. You know, that old infamous Hollywood affair that left Eddie Fisher high and dry. Fisher, who had previously left Debbie Reynolds high and dry for Taylor, thus leaving poor Carrie Fisher low and not remotely dry. It's a big tangled grand Old Hollywood story, complete with lavish Egyptian costumes, as they were filming Cleopatra when they got together, and I approve of it being made into a movie. I mean, I feel bad for the real-life players involved who are still around, but the story's out there, it's not like anyone's doing any real digging. Who should play Elizabeth? No, not Holly Hunter. I suggest Rosamund Pike. Send my casting fee to Richard c/o Gawker, thanks! [Deadline]
  • Jane Lynch has been officially announced as the host of this year's Emmy Awards, which honors excellence in Monk- and Boston Legal-related television programming. Aw. Don't you wish those jokes were still relevant? Remember the good old rococo mid-'00s, when Monk and Boston Legal kept winning everything and Osama bin Laden was still alive and the world was just a simpler place? Now it's all Glee and Modern Family and other weird cable things that simply no one has ever heard of let alone dared to watch. At least there's still Mariska Hargitay. At least we can always count on that. [The Wrap]
  • Craig Brewer, who wrote and directed Hustle & Flow, Blake Snake Moan, and Footloose (!!!!), has been tapped to write and direct a new imagining of Tarzan. His plan is to tell the story — about a human man raised by jungle apes — in three movies. There will be Tarzan, then Tarzan 2 Fast 2 Jungle, and then of course Tarzan III: The Legend of Kerchak's Gold. And of course, as is required by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, Phil Collins will be providing the music. [Deadline]