Today we peeped a trailer for the new Girl With a Dragon Tattoo movie, which got all of you talking about the books vs. the movies vs. whatever else. So who are all these anonymous fans of Stieg Larsson's oeuvre? One commenter broke it down for us.

From Goober_Pea:

A) I think I just had a seizure
2) Now plane loads of soccer moms from Columbus are going to be flocking to this movie wearing black leather pea coats they got at Chicos thinking they are going to see some really hard core dark artsy film when its really a Hollywood machine picture about a writer from one of those magazines that looks like it was made by those weird kids in high school who thought that even the artsy literary magazine was too mainstream for them so they made their own and xeroxed it at the house of that one kid who never washed his hair but then it turns out his dad was a VP for Citibank and had a full sized xerox machine in his home office but they all had stories and charcoal drawings in the school's paper because they really wanted to get into Wesleyan; and the girl who works in the IT department, has nothing on her cubicle walls but one printed out picture of her and her cat and a motivational quote card from her mother who, if you ask, is emotionally distant and drove her father away and because of this she finds it really hard to open up to others and just cannot let go of the guy who broke her heart 2 years ago and is now married with a newborn and clearly he is psycho in the wrong. But the Moms from Omaha won't notice because they are too busy thinking that reading a book and seeing a movie set in Sweden makes them cultured.
D) Who else is psyched for "The Hunger Games"?

Befuddling to be sure! But interesting too?