Even on a street known as "Billionaire's Row" in a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood, Larry Ellison manages to stand out. The Oracle CEO just ended a fight with his neighbors by dropping $40 million to buy the house next door. (UPDATED)

Ellison sued a married couple down the hill for allowing their redwood trees to obstruct his view of the San Francisco Bay (see picture above), having failed to resolve his dispute through San Francisco's elaborate "tree dispute reconciliation" system, which involves conflict resolution sessions and binding arbitration. But Ellison has flexed the old fashioned power of money on his way to resolving the dispute: He just bought the house next door to his, horizontally, for $40 million, Curbed SF reports, allowing him to scoot over one door and away from the offending trees down hill.

Ellison has also reached a formal settlement with the folks down the hill, so whoever ends up in his old place will get the nice views, and a much more harmonious relationship with their neighbors. Assuming, that is, they can stay on Ellison's good side.

Update: A source familiar with the case tells us Ellison is keeping both mansions! If he's really keeping his old pad, that would contradict our original theory that his $40 million purchase helped settle the tree dispute, so we've changed the wording of this post.

Interestingly, our source theorizes that Ellison, an outspoken yachtsman, is trying to accumulate good views for watching the America's Cup race when it comes to San Francisco next year — which makes his new digs a very pricey party palace.


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[Photo of Ellison's view, which appeared in court records, via WSJ]