[There was a video here]

Piper Palin is my favorite Palin. Sure, Bristol's plasticine attention-seeking is fun—and Willow's willful disobedience shows promise—but the littlest Palin daughter won my heart licking babies and carrying knock-off Vuitton back in 2008.

Now on her mother's One Nation bus tour, Piper is a master of the stink-eye and a pro at media relations. Here's a video from Philadelphia's Fox affiliate showing Piper running interference for her mother. As a reporter extends his microphone to Sarah, Piper turns her 9-year-old self into a human wedge, forcing the reporter away from her mother.

Hers is the unyielding determination of a young Dick Cheney. The barely concealed malice of a young Karl Rove! You've got a bright future, kid. [MyFoxPhilly]