We were all puzzled by Anthony Weiner's stonewalling of reporters yesterday—refusing to even answer the very basic question of whether the wang in that fateful Twitter picture was his. Now he claims in an interview that even he doesn't know.

When NBC News' Luke Russert asked Weiner if the crotch that was broadcast from his Twitter account was his, Weiner replied "you know, I can't say with certitude." But Weiner continued to deny that he personally sent the picture from his account.

This is markedly different from the heated exchange Weiner had with reporters yesterday, where he said he wouldn't be answering any questions about Weinergate. Now Weiner's unsure of whether it was his own underwear-clad groin in the picture?

To say one is unsure of whether a purported picture of one's crotch is real or not is to basically admit that there exists at least one picture of one's crotch. Here are the only possible scenarios in which could Anthony Weiner be unsure if the crotch in the crotch shot belonged to him:

1) Anthony Weiner has taken one or more crotch shots of himself. However, he believes this particular crotch shot might be of someone else.

2) Anthony Weiner has never taken a crotch shot of himself. However, he believes someone else may have taken a crotch shot of him without his knowledge.

3) Anthony Weiner believes he has never taken a crotch shot of himself. However, he also believes he might have taken a crotch shot of himself without his knowledge.

In each of these scenarios, a crotch shot is required for any sort of "uncertitude"! Or else he's just baldly lying, which seems equally if not more plausible at this point.

Weiner tried to explain that his uncertainty came from the fact he'd been hacked: "My system was hacked, pictures can be manipulated, dropped in and inserted," he told NBC.

Was his penis hacked, too?

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