If New York City seemed especially smart last night, it's because Sarah Palin and Donald Trump dined together over a slice of Famiglia pizza in Times Square.

The twin figments of the American imagination met when Palin rolled into town in her Mystery Machine, seeking out crimes to solve with her talking dog. Her people, such as they are, contacted Donald Trump, possibly under the impression that he was someone of importance, and the businessman hosted her in his Trump Tower apartment before joining her at Famiglia for a taste of deeply mediocre New York chain pizza. (Video from the scene below.)

The type of food was Palin's choice (a source, speaking anonymously, tells ABC that the former governor "wanted pizza"), but Trump — who shot an episode of his Masterpiece Theater miniseries Celebrity Apprentice at the restaurant — likely chose the venue. They ate both cheese and pepperoni pizza. We dare not speculate what was discussed, though we imagine the meeting will provide fodder for historians and playwrights to come.

And while we hope Palin stays in the city and partakes of all it has to offer, we know she has a busy schedule, and is likely gone already, off to parts unknown, leaving only memories and the faint scent of perfume hanging in the air on 42nd Street. Trump, of course, New York will have forever.

[ABC News, photo via Getty]