Like most people, we miss HBO's fantastic cop show The Wire a great deal. So we were heartened to hear that Attorney General Eric Holder has put the full weight of the Justice Department behind our cause:

"I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon: Do another season of ‘The Wire'," Holder said, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. "That's actually at a minimum. … If you don't do a season, do a movie. We've done HBO movies, this is a series that deserves a movie. I want another season or I want a movie. I have a lot of power Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon."

Holder was speaking at a press conference announcing the launch of the "Drug Endangered Children Public Awareness Campaign," where he was joined by Wire stars Wendell Pierce (Bunk), Sonja Sohn (Kima) and Jim True-Frost (Prez).

Does his decree have the force of law? Well, we're not lawyers, but we just checked the constitution and we're pretty sure that this is how it works. Who said government never did anything for you?