There was once a time where a boy being crowned prom queen, as per his wishes, would have been an exciting and subversive act. Now it just feels like yet another manifestation of the Gleeing of America. Still, congratulations to Jake Boyer, a openly gay senior from Blacksburg High School in Virginia, who actually had the prom queen balls to go through with it.

After coming out last year, Boyer was encouraged by the largely accepting student body to make a grab for the tiara. He won, duh, and attended prom dressed as Lady Gaga.

"This was as much a social experiment as it was a fun thing to do," explained Boyer.

I'd tell the dude it gets better, but it sounds like things are pretty hunky dory as it is! Besides, do things ever really get better for the prom queen? Nope — it's three kids, a Toyota minivan, and a bitter, pot-bellied, former all-state running back of a husband parked on the couch in store for the missus. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. [WDBJ7, screengrab via WDBJ7]