America's favorite fried pickle princess has had a car accident! She is okay. But at least two police officers had to go to the hospital, and our Snooki—who was not drinking or drugging, sources say—might be facing some Italian-style law charges.

The cataclysm occurred in Florence, where Snooks and the other Jersey Shores have been bringing about the GTL Renaissance. The story's still developing, but early reports say that Snooki crashed her Fiat into a policemobile that was escorting her and Deena Blast-in-a-Glass to protect them from evil. (Some reports say the passenger was JWOWW, but look). Though the crash was supposedly a "low speed impact" one, it nevertheless "brought chaos to the centre of Florence"; even the Duomo took some pictures of the melee. According to People, the magazine for the people, our two heroines refused medical treatment, which either means something or nothing at all.

Supposedly Snooki or Deena, or maybe both of them, had to climb out the window to escape from their car. But the Daily Mail says "there was no official confirmation of this." What do you think—climb, or no climb? Have some fun with this mystery while it lasts. Make a Memorial Day drinking game out of it.

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