The Sarah Palin Grifter Bus Tour is officially underway, and it's currently spewing toxic fumes across the Washington, DC area. There are many questions surrounding this family vacation, but so few answers. People need to know.

Politico rattles off all of the places Sarah Palin has been in the last two days: On the back of a Harley. At Mount Vernon. Lurking around the National Archives. Making "unannounced visits to monuments and other landmarks." Saying stupid things to people. But she's not saying really stupid things to reporters (yet). Can you believe the gall of this woman? Is she running for president or not? Why won't she tell us? And where is she going on this tour? No itinerary? No briefings? No interviews? Even Greta Van Susteren is out of the loop. What the fuck is going on here?!

Instead, she's been telling people to check her website for information, which (gasp!) only comes after she's done something. Here's a thought: She's probably retiring to her bus each day, turning on the TV and laughing at everyone trying to figure out what the hell she's up to, then watching hits on her website go through the roof.

And then there's this:

CNN reported Monday that some of Palin's supporters had already started to gather midday at Gettysburg in hopes that she might be on her way. But by then, Palin's bus was rolling into Mount Vernon instead.

And that's just sad.

[Politico; image via AP]