Like a citified version of the story that inspired last year's James Franco rock-climbing movie, the tale of urban survivalist and litigant Jonathan Lynn involves a necessary act of arm-related self-harm. Luckily, no amputation was necessary.

Back in April 2010, Lynn was in the process of boarding a subway train when the closing doors "trapped his shoulder" in their deadly grip; the rest of his person remained outside the train, on the platform. As the train started to move, Lynn began running and trying to get the operator's attention. Right before the train reached a tunnel, Lynn mustered up the strength to free himself—suffering a compound fracture and some other injuries during his self-liberation. Now he's suing the subway system for damages.

As related by the law journal the NY Post, Lynn's suit suggests that the train operator might not have heard Lynn "yelling and pounding on the door" as the train moved down the tracks and toward a tunnel. What was the operator doing, exactly? We're no legal commentator/expert type of person, but we bet that the question will come up a lot during the trial.

At least he got to save his arm! [NY Post]