During an interview with CBS's Bill Whitaker, reforming (reformed?) former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson dismisses his title belts as "garbage" and "nothing." His priorities have changed! Making his kids and pigeons happy is what life's all about now—not golden, shiny things.

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In the interview, Tyson talks about his old doping, Evander Holyfield-biting, woman-abusing ways, which landed him behind bars a few times and bankrupted him of his fortune. "I can't handle being that guy," he says now. "You know, that guy's a creation. Iron Mike, the baddest man on the planet. There's nobody like that. People like that don't exist. I just had the audacity, the idiocy, to say it."

Idiot no more, it seems! Say what you will, but we're totally digging the new-and-improved, super-insightful, serene-and-suburbanized version of this dude—even if he's got it all wrong about Earl Grey tea.

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