"Unless your roommate specifically asks you to throw butter at their ankles, you should probably abstain," my mom always used to say. Collier County, Florida resident Dawn Elizabeth Rhash allegedly didn't follow this popular rule of etiquette, either because her mom told her otherwise, or because vodka.

Rhash, 49, now faces a battery charge after supposedly throwing some butter at the guy she lives with, without his consent:

The victim told deputies that he and Rhash "were having an argument about what food was hers and what was his" when the suspect "threw butter at him striking him in the leg," the document notes.

Deputies observed that the victim "did have butter on his ankle."

Of course, we don't really know how the butter ended up on Rhash's roommate's ankle. Maybe he made up a story to get Rhash (who denies the charge) into trouble because he's tired of always having to watch what she wants to watch, or because she doesn't follow the household chore schedule very well, or any number of reasons. At any rate, everybody knows that applying butter to one's ankles makes them softer and prettier, so he should actually have thanked Rhash for doing him a favor instead of calling the cops on her like that. Some people are so ungrateful. [AOL]