We don't, as a rule, support terrorism, but sometimes we are sympathetic to its aims. As in the case of Freddy Caldwell, the Bronx man who threatened to blow up his local TV station if it kept airing Two and a Half Men reruns.

Caldwell was arrested yesterday and charged with "falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment," over two separate calls he made to WPIX-11 over reruns of the currently-suspended sitcom that once starred noted warlock Charlie Sheen. Caldwell had the courage to make his bomb threats from his home phone; that same courage proved to be his undoing, as police "easily traced" the calls, possibly using sophisticated police technology like "caller I.D."

Again, we strongly condemn Caldwell's methods. But is it really any surprise that a people oppressed for so long would eventually lash out in what would seem to be the only available avenue? The true evil here is not the violence threatened by Caldwell, but the conditions that led to his threats. And until WPIX-11 realizes that, the situation will only get worse