In sunny Palm Bay, Florida, prosecutors have charged Walmart shopper Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi with a hate crime after she allegedly admitted to cops that she spat on several fellow bargain hunters because "Americans are pushing us around." Even worse: a judge has barred her from shopping at Walmart while her charges are pending.

Al-Doaifi, 21, was born in Saudi Arabia but has lived in the U.S. since 2002; her lawyer says that she doesn't harbor "negative feelings or hatred or prejudice toward anyone. In fact, she deals with her share of prejudice from Americans." That last part is highly unlikely, considering it's Florida we're talking about here—but we'll entertain the possibility.

According to reports, the trouble for Al-Doaifi began when she couldn't figure out how to enter the store:

The incident began, police said, when a woman approached Al-Doaifi when she appeared to be having difficulty entering the Walmart.

"All I was trying to do was tell her she was coming in through the out door," Terry Rakowski told Florida Today. "She was just ramming (her cart) into the door."

The 39-year-old then claims the woman spat in her face.

"She just spit all over me," she said.

Al-Doaifi then allegedly did the same thing to several others inside the Walmart.

Because of her pushy-Americans talk, Al-Doaifi's charges—battery and disorderly conduct—have been upgraded from misdemeanors to third-degree felonies. Is this fair? Maybe Al-Doaifi wasn't angry at Americans but at American doors—which are not just pushy but also pully, when they are not slide-y, and often confusing—and displaced her aggression. Then again, the young mom of one has impolitely expectorated before: a few weeks before the fateful Walmart incident, she allegedly spat on one of her engineering professors at Florida Tech. Apparently she's going through some kind of phase.

Whether or not Al-Doaifi's guilty of a hate crime is up to the courts to decide. But we can definitely all agree that if she'd only held her saliva, headed straight for the clothing department, and tried on some fashions, she wouldn't be in this predicament now.

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