The one thing Scientology has always been missing, as far as dangerous cults go, is a good apocalyptic prophecy. It was always more about destroying enemies and controlling time, matter, and energy than heralding the end of days. But it turns out L. Ron Hubbard actually did predict the Earth's destruction.

According to apostate Scientologist Marty Rathbun, the cult's leader David Miscavige revealed to small circle of followers in 2003 that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had secretly named the day of the planet's demise:

Miscavige told the managers that L Ron Hubbard had written a prediction for how long planet earth had left; after which it would exist no more. He did not say what cataclysm would end life as we know it -– but stated definitively L Ron Hubbard said the planet would be no more by a date certain.


"You want to know how long LRH said you've got?", he asked in a tech-film worthy take on the tone level of Hate.

In answer to his own question he said, "it is a lot sooner than you think."

Rathbun, who still follows Hubbard's teachings, thinks Miscavige is lying about the secret prediction. We think Scientology would make a fine apocalyptic cult, and this latest plot twist has runaway bestseller written all over it—Dianetics 2: Xenu's Return.

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