In May of 2009, Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland was at work when two teenagers came in to rob his store. What happens is caught on the surveillance video above:

1. Two teens burst into the store, one of them waving a gun.
2. Ersland shoots at them. The one with the gun runs out the door; the other is hit and falls.
3. Ersland exits the store in pursuit of the fleeing robber. Failing to catch him, he comes back into the store.
4. Ersland walks back behind the counter and retrieves a second gun.
5. Ersland walks back to where the fallen robber is, leans down, and shoots him multiple times, killing him.

Yesterday, Ersland was found guilty of first-degree murder. He faces life in prison. The case has divided public opinion along perfectly predictable lines. So we're just going to leave that set of facts right there, and you can all say what you think.