Yesterday, NYPD officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata were acquitted of charges of raping a drunk woman in her East Village apartment. It was... a shocker, for sure. Here's the latest on the day after:

  • The jury! What were they thinking? According to the NYT, it came down to a lack of physical proof of rape. Though jurors seemed to dislike the cops in the case, they didn't feel that the evidence was rock-solid. "None of us believed anything that anyone said," one juror said.
  • After the verdict, Kenneth Moreno said he believed the woman "made the whole thing up," but added "I wish her no harm."
  • Round two, TK: The alleged victim still has a $57 million civil suit pending against the city and the two officers.
  • Actually, former officers. Due to the pair's conviction of "official misconduct" in the case, they've been fucking fired from the NYPD. Yeah.
  • The woman whose security camera recorded the officers repeatedly entering the alleged victim's apartment on the night in question is "heartbroken" by the verdict.
  • A rally against the verdict is being held at 5 p.m. today in downtown Manhattan.
  • This case was so outrageous that it even made Andrea Peyser write a decent column. Incredible.

[Photo: AP]