A one-time reality also-ran is now getting the chance to be in the spotlight twice. Also today: trouble at The X Factor, three actors spark up doobies over at Weeds, and Oprah is bigger than ever.

  • When songwriter and pot brownie enthusiast Kara DioGuardi got dismissed as an American Idol judge after two measly seasons, everyone figured her time in the limelight was over. How quick we all were to assume! Nowadays she's got that Bravo songwriting show coming out this summer and, what's this, she's just landed another reality show deal with big gay Bravo. Kara plans to simply turn the cameras on and follow her as she goes about her daily business. Sure to be fascinating! A fascinating show about fascinating Kara DioGuardi. [EW]
  • Speaking of singing competitions, it hasn't even aired yet and there's already trouble with The X Factor. Fox has decided to let go of judge Cheryl Cole, a popular X Factor judge in her native Britain but sort of a no-name over here in the world's most important English-speaking nation. There was a problem with chemistry or something, maybe specifically between Cole and fellow judge Paula "Mumblemush McGee" Abdul. (Maybe Cheryl stole some of Paula's pot brownie's too?) So now there's talk of replacing her with one of the show's hosts, Nicole Scherzinger. I'd suggest (jokingly) Kara DioGuardi, but she's apparently got her hands full. How about Robyn? Seriously, she deserves to be a lot more famous. [Deadline]
  • Remember Weeds? Of course you do, it's been on for a million years. Well the drug mommy show has just added three new cast members, who will guest on the series' seventh season. Martin Short, Aidan Quinn, and the wonderful and underused Lindsay Sloane have climbed aboard the crazy train. Short's playing a weird lawyer for three episodes, Quinn some sort of CEO for four episodes, and Sloane an artist for six. My guess is that Short is Nancy's lawyer as she deals with having turned herself in to the FBI, Quinn is Nancy's love interest, and Sloane is a galpal for Justin Kirk. Just guesses though! In related news, I have been cast as Hunter Parrish's love interest in a world of my own making that spins sadly in my dark, dusty mind. [THR]
  • Despite an alarmingly lackluster season, the finale of American Idol posted ratings numbers a whopping 17% higher than last year's. Though, truth be told, even a Scotty vs. Lauren finale is more interesting than a Crystal Bowersox vs. Phil Dweezy finale. I mean, that's just science. Crystal was great, but Phil Dweezy was... Phil Dweezy. That's not even his real name! But that's what he's called (by me) nonetheless. So good on you, Idol. May you loudly reign supreme as TV's number one singing competition until the inevitable premiere of So Kara DioGuardi Thinks She Can Sing. [Deadline]
  • Empires will collide as the son of America's favorite movie star appears in a movie with America's favorite feelings creator. Yes, Colin Hanks, son of Tom, has just signed on to appear in the movie My Mother's Curse, alongside none other than Barbra Streisand, the woman who we can all collectively blame for Lea Michele. Hanks will play the husband of star Seth Rogen's high school sweetheart. [THR]
  • Oh and speaking of terrifying juggernauts and television ratings, the ratings for yesterday's final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show were the highest the daily cult meeting has seen since 1994. The episode that did so well back then? Something about people who wear wigs and fake beards. The times sure have changed. Or, they haven't changed at all. [EW]

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