Facebook really doesn't want you criticizing its technology. Especially via a domain name you bought for that very purpose. That's why the social network has assumed control of such incredibly specific domain names as IHateTheFacebookLikeButton.com. Paranoid much?

Uptime monitoring firm Pingdom stumbled across several anti-Facebook domains registered by Facebook, including IHateFacebookCredits.com, LikeButtonSucks.com, LikeSucks.com and FBCreditsSuck.org — and Facebook usually registered the .net and .biz variations registered as well. Pingdom figures that most of the domains were first registered by critics, then seized by Facebook via the formal and costly official process for resolving domain disputes. And yet FacebookSucks.com is still up and running. Our bet is that anticipating and handling user backlash has just become an accepted cost of doing business at Facebook these days.