On his evening commute, a Manhattan cyclist spied a strange beast at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. It had the scales of a fish, body of a serpent, head of a pit bull, and was the size of a large alligator. It was lying on a blue blanket, perhaps part of some strange ritual involving the can of Bud Light next to it. Unless these are the remains of a beer-swilling chupahipstera that died trying to reach Manhattan?

Our intrepid hero biked by the scene of the stench again this morning. Police were there, he says, waiting for the sanitation department to clear the monster away. They told him they didn't know what the monster was. Or did they?

Click the image above to enlarge, but be warned: It's even grosser than the Montauk Monster.

Update: Experts agree it is a sturgeon. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Special thanks to Pickled and other commenters who solved the mystery.