Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, the two NYPD officers on trial for allegedly raping a drunk woman in her East Village apartment after being called to assist her, have been acquitted.

The woman said that Moreno (pictured) raped her while she was passed out drunk, while Mata stood guard in another room. The officers admitted to returning to the woman's apartment several times over the course of the evening, even inventing a fake 911 call as an excuse; Moreno admitted to kissing the woman, but said that it was consensual, and that he only returned to the apartment to counsel her on her drinking problem and sing "Living on a Prayer" to her.

Mata and Moreno were acquitted of rape charges and burglary charges, for repeatedly entering the woman's apartment. But both were found guilty of "official misconduct" for failing to call the woman an ambulance.


[Photo: AP]