While the president continues his European tour with a stop in Poland, Michelle Obama is heading home. But is she going home to be with her daughters? Or is it because she hates Poland, and more specifically, its president?

Politico's Ben Smith picks up on an item in the right-wing Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik claiming that the first lady does not like Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski — apparently because of a poorly-formed joke he made last time he was in the U.S. We'll let Nasz Dziennik and Google Translate explain:

But the real reason for absenteeism Michelle Obama is different and has to be a diplomatic response to the blunders and nietakty errors committed by the president to Bronislaw Komorowski, during his visit to the USA. And especially for being one of the statements undermined the marital fidelity of his wife of U.S. president. Komorowski wanted a joke, but instead provoked international outrage. It is no wonder, then, now that Mrs. Obama does not want to meet with the Polish president.

One thing you should know about the president is that you never, ever be one of the statements undermine the marital fidelity of his wife. He hates that! And now, thanks to the blundering President Komorowski, Michelle Obama hates Poland.

Or maybe not. A commenter on Smith's blog writes:

It seems that it wasn't really a joke, but a badly translated Polish saying. Komorowski wanted to say sth like this: You see, Mr President, USA and Poland joke is like a marriage. You should trust your wife, but you should also check whether she is faithful." Apparently, there was a moment of misunderstanding whether Komorowski referred specifically to Obama's wife or to a wife in some marriage (he meant the latter).

We have no clue whether or not the commenter has the right story, but it sounds a lot more plausible than the other thing. If also less fun.

[Ben Smith/Politico; Nasz Dziennik; image via AP]