Good news: Miraculous internet jukebox Spotify will reportedly power Facebook's music service, bringing the world closer to a future in which music is much more freely shared, suggested and collaboratively compiled. As it should be.

Spotify is, as we've written before, a fairly amazing service where you can pick and play, in an iTunes-like interface, any number of songs from a huge library of popular music—without having to buy or download said music, at least until you hit the 10-hour-per-month limit. Spotify also lets you share and collaboratively edit playlists, a feature presently turbocharged by the Spotify Facebook app, which helps you find friends who are using Spotify, and their playlists. Under the forthcoming Facebook deal, people will install Spotify directly from Facebook, via a prominent link next to their News Feed, and will be able to listen to songs simultaneously with their friends. Or at least that's what Forbes reports.

In other words, Spotify + Facebook is one step closer to The Perfect Music Service—assuming Spotify ever gets released in America, assuming your Facebook friends have any musical taste, and and assuming Facebook can keep from screwing up the privacy angle. (We admit, that's assuming a lot.)