Although they have super-advanced stealth helicopters that make your eyes automatically burst into flames if you even look at them, the U.S. Army is always years behind when it comes to the technology the rest of us use. They've just discovered social media!

Time was, army recruiters would loiter outside of malls and wait for disaffected high schoolers to amble by, then try to convince them that they, who just ate an entire large pizza at Sbarro while chain-smoking a pack of Marlboro Lights, would make an excellent soldier. But then kids stopped leaving the house, so the Army created a recruitment videogame. Now all the kids are hanging out on Facebook and Twitter, so the Army is launching a big social media push on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Let's see... the army's official recruitment Twitter account only has 3,000 followers on Twitter? Whoops, that's about as many as I have. Does this mean I could be as effective as the entire U.S. at mustering a world-class fighting force? Only one way to find out. Followers: Arm yourselves!

[Photo, top, via AP]