Sean Parker said he's been "abused and maligned" by random gossips on Facebook and Twitter. These people have"commandeered my identity," the former Facebook president said. Welcome to the club, Sean.

Parker, at least, appreciates the irony. "I've been one of the greatest beneficiaries" of the emergence of social media, Parker told the e-G8 summit in Paris. "I'm also one of the victims. ... I was abused and maligned by the media, largely by the internet media. Largely by unaffiliated bloggers with no standard of journalistic ethics who created this caricature of me. I watched as this character emerged week after week, whose antics were in some ways as entertaining to me as anyone else. I had my identity commandeered by the blogosphere and Twitter and Facebook."

In exchange for the glare of the internet spotlight, Parker got an estimated $920 million in Facebook shares, a flattering Vanity Fair profile and hot young singer-songwriter fiancée. That's not bad; in exchange for having their private information repeatedly commandeered by the monster corporation Parker helped create, Facebook users got bupkis.

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