The Boss Hogg of Arizona law enforcement, Maricopa County's very own Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has a problem in his house: A deputy and two officers from Arpaio's creepy jail were arrested on charges that they smuggled heroin and illegal immigrants into Arizona, and then on to California. In a great twist, one of them is eight months pregnant with a Sinaloa drug cartel member's child.

The three were arrested along with nine others accused of being part of a vast, cross border smuggling ring. When investigators went to the home of Deputy Alfredo Navarrette to arrest him, they found two illegal immigrants hanging out inside, too. Navarrette was also one of the first members of Sheriff Joe's racial profiling squad and also served on the human trafficking unit. This really upset Sheriff Joe, who spoke with the Arizona Republic:

"[Navarrette] repeatedly supplied details about the illegal-immigration crime-suppression operation to leaders of the drug-trafficking organization," Arpaio said. "This action placed numerous deputies, reserves and posse volunteers in harm's way while they were volunteering and conducting operations."

You've been compromised, Sheriff Joe. And speaking of Arizona posses, this kind of infiltration never would have happened on J.T. Ready's watch. Hell no.

[Arizona Republic; image via Getty]