The ravenous MTV network, always hungry for sweet teen blood, has found its next victims. Also today: Fox rules and other networks drool, Matthew Modine is rescued from oblivion, and Kevin Costner is headed into it.

  • Feeling satisfied that they've sensationalized teen pregnancy enough with 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, MTV is moving on to other teen freak shows. They've just greenlit a pilot for Married Young, about kids who marry really young. Ohhh. That could be really interesting, but really only if it's about religious fundies. I want long dresses and long braided hair. I basically want Teen Duggars. Can we have Teen Duggars please, someone? I want so much Duggars-related programming I think there needs to be a Duggars Channel. OK, you listening, TLC? I'll put the shows together, all I need from you is a video camera, the Duggars, and approximately $400 million. (One dollar for every Duggar. There are so many Duggars.) Deal? [THR]
  • Innnteresting. Admiral Adama himself, Edward James Olmos, has been cast as a season-long guest star on Dexter. He'll be playing a professor of religion. (Who kills people?) He'll join fellow guest stars Colin Hanks and Mos Def. It's not too clear what they're going to do on the show, but it probably involves murdering people? Usually this show involves murdering people in some way or another. It's much like Real Housewives of New Jersey in that way. [Deadline]
  • Like Tom Berenger and Eric Roberts before him, Matthew Modine has been plucked from the gutter of '80s detritus and placed in a Christopher Nolan movie. Yes, word is he's landed a part in The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan's biopic of Gladys Knight upcoming Batman movie. The character's name might be Nixon, but that's all we know. I'd say he probably kills people, but this is Batman, not Dexter. Ooh, ooh! Movie idea: Batman vs. Dexter. Or, more likely, Batman and Dexter team up to get a bad murderer but then of course in the end Batman has to put Dexter in Arkham too. Are you listening, DC Comics movie division? I'll write the script right now, all I need from you is Christian Bale, Michael C. Hall, and approximately $300 million. Deal? [EW]
  • Everyone clap in the general direction of Rupert Murdoch's island doom lair! His Fox Network was, for the seventh season in a row, the highest rated broadcast television network in the coveted 18-49 y.o. demographic. Thanks to football, American Idol, and a buncha fruits singing and dancing to auto-tuned pop songs, the former laughingstock network remains top dog, or top fox. CBS pulled in the most viewers total for the 2010-2011 season, but came in second with the 18-49ers. ABC came in third, dragging a dead peacock behind it. Legend of a fifth network, a "CW," remains just that, unsubstantiated rumors and lore. [THR]
  • HUNGERRRRRRRR. Also: GAAAAMESSSSSS. You guys, we are thisclose to being done with Hunger Games movie casting news. Lenny Kravitz has now officially been signed to play crafty and lovable stylist Cinna, casting which I'm not thrilled about, I pictured Cinna a little younger and played by more of, well, an actor, but whatever, other people seem happy. And now just this afternoon comes word that Toby Jones, the sprightly British frog who has played both Truman Capote and Karl Rove, has been cast as Hunger Games announcer Claudius Temple. Ah, that's good, I like that. So... let's see. There are a few more small parts to cast here and there, I'm sure, but I think mostly we're done! There it is, everyone! Now there will be no more Hunger Games news until it comes out and I scream for fourteen days straight. Get excited! [EW]
  • As we've long worried would someday happen, Kevin Costner is heading off into the woods to start a bloody feud with a rival family. Ever since The Postman he just hasn't been the same. Aw, I kid. He's doing a Hatfields and McCoys miniseries for the History Channel, in which he'll play Devil Hatfield, one of the progenitors of the infamous West Virginia/Kentucky feuding families. Seeing as the script was written by a Deadwood writer, this could actually be pretty interesting. I dunno, something about this photo always intrigues me and makes me a little sad. Look how young some of those gun-wielding guys are! Sigh. Time. [THR]
  • Apparently funnywoman Jane Lynch is the top pick to host this fall's Emmy Awards ceremony. Wait a second. First Ellen, then Neil Patrick Harris, and now Jane Lynch?? Are gays taking over our awards ceremonies?? Where are the Bob Hopes and Billy Crystals — truly virile, lady-fucking awards show hosts — of yesteryear? Now it's sissery and foppishness and short-haired testoste-feminism. And don't even get me started on the Tonys! [THR]

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