Anderson Cooper has been tweeting pictures from the tornado wreckage in Joplin, Missouri. But then he took some time out to call another Twitter user a "moron." What got Andy's parka in a bunch?

Cooper's tweet, "You are a moron," was directed to a young man named Brent Summers, in response to his tweet which read, "@skylor I'm pretty sure the @andersoncooper shot is #photoshopped."

I'm assuming Andy thought Summers was referring to one of the pictures he tweeted of the Joplin wreckage. Naturally the CNN anchor would be upset if he thought someone was so crass as to suggest he was concocting photos of the tornado's destruction and would have every right to call that person a moron.

But what Summers was really talking about was a link that @skylor tweeted earlier that showed Andy dressed as a cop with his hands tied behind his back and duct tape over his mouth—a picture that was obviously Photoshopped. So Summers tried to rush to Cooper's defense and instead got branded a "moron."

Well, either that or Andy knows exactly what is going on and is calling them both morons for sending around Photoshopped images of his head on a cop's body. That is also possible. We know how much Jake Gyllenhaal hates fake pictures of himself. Maybe Andy feels the same way.

Now will you people leave Anderson alone so that he can go back to documenting tornado wreckage? It's not easy being a serious journalist.