In your tragic Tuesday media column: Rush Limbaugh's ratings tank, Andy Borowitz is plagiarized, Bloomberg View is set to launch, today's Adweek argument, and you online readers of the NYT aren't worth jack.

  • Rush Limbaugh's ratings are down 33%(!) since last year. (Other right-wing talk radio hosts are down too, but not as much.) What's "the dilly," Rush? What changed? What were you doing last year that you're not doing this year? Hmmm.. maybe, could it props to Gawker? Giving us props= success, Rush, the evidence speaks for itself. Ha, just kidding, America is hopefully just getting tired of your big dumb ass.
  • America's Funnyman, Andy Borowitz, has spotted an editorial cartoon that plagiarized his joke, which we know because Andy Borowitz is the only guy in America who has ever conceived of this joke.
  • Bloomberg View, the long-anticipated, much-discussed, well-funded opinion operation from Bloomberg News, is launching tomorrow. Are you excited? Before you answer that, Bloomberg has $1,000 to give you. Now then.
  • Chris Rovzar's like, hey, Adweek, what's with all the ridic stories about women? Coincidence, or deep-seated gender hatred on the part of Michael Wolff? Well now he's self-conscious about it, so we'll probably never know.
  • Henry Blodget calculates that a print reader is worth 228 times more revenue to the New York Times than an online reader is. That's exactly why they don't care about all your whining, internet people. Buy the paper! Or shut up! Money, is what they need!