Wal-Mart has long been the target of hard-hitting union campaigns, because it is the nation's largest company as well as an evil union-busting death star. But what about Target? They get off scott-free, just for not being Wal-Mart! Until now.

Steven Greenhouse reports that the UFCW is launching its first union campaign aimed at Target, trying to organize 5,000 Target workers in NYC. A noble cause! And what a great opportunity for Target to distinguish itself from its competitor, by not being a low-down dirty union-busting operation! Although unlikely, since target has no union employees, and says it doesn't need a union, and is already passing out anti-union fliers in New York. So what are the ungrateful workers so upset about? Don't want to work?

The union decided to focus on Target after employees in Valley Stream, on Long Island, asked for help in unionizing. Echoing longstanding complaints by some Wal-Mart workers, the store's employees complained that many of them earned too little to support a family or afford health insurance, forcing some to rely on food stamps and Medicaid for their children.

The workers would like to work enough hours to survive, please. UNAMERICAN.

[NYT, photo via AP]