Tonight Frontline will air an investigation into Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and the Wikileaks disclosures, and the show is teasing the broadcast online with an interesting find: a complete archive of accused Wikileaks source Bradley Manning's Facebook page.

The page dates back to July 2007, three months before Manning enlisted in the Army at his father's urging. Most of it consists of mundane updates—"travelling to Chicago for Lollapalooza!"—but the page shows just how angry and alienated Manning, who is gay, was about opposition to gay marriage, not to mention how cavalier he was about has homosexuality on Facebook in the face of the Army's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.


In August 2009—about five months before he's believed to have begun sending classified data to Wikileaks—Manning posted a photograph of himself with then-San Francisco mayor and current California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom.

Manning wrote openly about his relationship with Tyler Watkins, including being "utterly lost and confused" after their break-up and referring at one point to his "hubbie," apparently without concern that his military colleagues would find out.

Despite his pro-gay marriage stance and the leftist political opinions on display in his chats with hacker Adrian Lamo, in 2008 Manning appeared to support former GOP congressman Bob Barr—then the Libertarian candidate—for president. He also seemed to write sympathetically about a potential military strike on Iran, wondering at one point if "Israel just got the guts to bomb Iran."

Asked by one of his Facebook friends whether he was in the military, Manning jokingly responded, "I cannot confirm that information ;)".