Vertically-challenged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad either has some pretty bad luck when it comes to being near oddly-timed explosions, or someone doesn't like him. Last August, someone tossed a grenade set off celebratory fireworks next to Ahmadinejad's motorcade. And today, at the inauguration of an oil refinery, an explosion killed two people right before Ahmadinejad was to give a speech. State-run media says it's no big deal. And, it turns out, someone should have listened to the damn Germans:

A worker at the complex said that at least 30 people had been killed, the Khabar Online Web site said, adding that German engineers who had been working on the site had refused to come to the inauguration after there had been problems there on Monday.

So basically the Germans said fuck that, they didn't show up, and the event goes on as planned. Hmm! It does sound like today's blast was an accident but still, this guy's got some pretty bad luck (or good luck, depending on how you look at it).

[Washington Post; image via AP]