Oh man, just when my favorite show about a woman with multiple personality disorder was getting good, Showtime went and canceled the poorly-rated United States of Tara. I mean this is the network that lets Nancy Botwin run completely rampant on Weeds for about three seasons too many, but they're canning a show that won Toni Collette an Emmy and a Golden Globe? And since Diablo Cody can't write another hit (after Juno) and can't keep her show on the air, what is she going to do now?

As we're weeping over this, there is good news for its companion show Nurse Jackie which was renewed for a fourth season just in time for the writers to make everything in the show painfully wacky and destroy the realistic dark comedy we once loved with subplots about drug dealers being run over by buses and psychiatric patients playing pianos in the basement and giving out sage advice. It's probably better that Tara got the ax before it devolved into something ludicrious, but if Showtime is going to ruin everything anyway, why bother cutting this one?

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