People are constantly coming up with new and occasionally ingenious ways to smuggle contraband into jail. There's the butt trick, the prosthetic leg stuff, the penis tuck, and of course, vaginas. Lots of vaginas. And last week, when a woman in Iowa was pulled over for driving drunk and hotboxing, she went with the vagina — a mistake that could cost her money and extra jail time. From the Press-Citizen:

A North Liberty woman faces drug charges after police said a Johnson County Sheriff's deputy found a container filled with marijuana in her vagina Thursday night at the Johnson County Jail.

Warning to innocent until proven guilty ladies: Cops are officially aware of the vagina trick! It's time to search for alternatives if you're about to be locked up and need to bring some drugs with you, although we have no clue where or what that hiding place could be. Also, "a container filled with marijuana" is open to interpretation. A joint's worth? An ounce? These details matter.

[Press-Citizen via Fark; image via Shutterstock]