In addition to self-entitled politicians, celebrity herpes, elitist bedbugs, and those aggressive little purple animals that always hide inside the ice machines, please add "being gassed while sleeping" to your growing list of hotel hazards.

In Spain, a British woman on vacation was reportedly raped while her husband was sleeping beside her, after someone pumped some "mystery gas" into their hotel room, reports the Daily Mail:

'I think he somehow gassed us and then came in. My wife woke me screaming my name at around 4am and I realised someone was in the room with her,' the 55-year-old man told the Sun.
The attacker, who apparently fled the room naked, was still there when the couple woke up. He escaped with a large amount of money as well, the husband said.

Besides taking a bodyguard on vacation with you, how does anyone protect themselves from hotel mystery gassing? The Daily Mail suggests being "alert" and "watchful" (even while sleeping, apparently!) and buying your own drinks to make sure nobody puts any drugs in them. Hmm, that's not at all relevant to this particular, horrible situation! Maybe they are just as stumped as we are. Ugh.

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