Russell Brand gets kicked out of Japan. Jane Seymour thinks Arnold has two more kids. And Britney Spears is breaking up with her boyfriend, sort of. Sunday gossip is posting this from heaven.

  • Russell Brand was deported from Japan, according to his wife Katy Perry. " husband just got deported from Japan. I am so. sad. I brought him all this way to show him my favorite place #tokyodreamscrushed," she Tweeted on Sunday. We figured it was over the Arthur remake, but apparently "It was for priors from over 10 years ago!" Brand for his part seemed unfazed, joking that he was "Planning [to] escape from Japanese custody" by digging "a tunnel with a chopstick." How adorably wacky! [katyperry; rustyrockets]
  • Jane Seymour claims that grope expert Arnold Schwarzenegger has two more kids, in addition to the current official tally of five. Seymour, who died in 1537 after giving birth to a son who would rule England as Edward VI, says she "met someone who knows [Schwarzenegger] well." [Daily Mail]
  • Apparently, Schwarzenegger's mistress and baby mom Mildred Baena didn't actually want to leave his employment when she quit earlier this year. But she did anyway! Due to... a cover up? Or maybe just regular job stuff. [NYDN]
  • Britney Spears and her boyfriend Jason Tratwick have broken up......... professionally! Did I fool you? Did you think they had broken up for real? Were you sad? Did you cry? You cried, didn't you. Well wipe those tears away, because Tratwick is simply leaving William Morris Eneavor to do some kind of market branding visioneering thing for a company we've never heard of. Brit and Jason, still going strong! [People]
  • Dr. Phil had a friend over to his mansion the other day, and then his friend collapsed. The lesson: Never go to Dr. Phil's house. [TMZ]
  • Popular star Sara Rue got married to her boyfriend, teacher Kevin Price. She also lost 50 pounds, but that happened before, not during, the wedding. [People]
  • Boxer Oscar De La Hoya is going to rehab for "certain health and personal issues." [TMZ]