Happy Rapture, everyone! Are you still here? We're making a list of everything that has been taken to Heaven to kick it with Jesus, and we need your help.

The Rapture, of course, is the day when all true Christians are gathered up into the air for a meet-and-greet with Jesus Christ. And — if you hadn't noticed — Saturday was the Rapture! (According to noted radio host Harold Camping.) Slate's Tom Scocca notes several things that are likely in heaven already, such as the D train's subway ads, and one of his beers.

So: Have you left the house yet? Noticed anything missing, raptured up to Heaven to be with Jesus? Maybe you have even taken pictures or videos of things that aren't there anymore? Send them to us!

If you're wondering about the types of things that might be missing, here are some examples:

Use your imagination and powers of observation and deliver your rapturous evidences to the comments section. If we're still here tomorrow, we will maybe/possibly add your precious historical materials to our official Rapture Day archive, for posterity.