Ever wonder what happened to the "Don't Tase Me, Bro" kid? We figured was making a living getting electrocuted in front of crowds of drunk businessmen for cash. But the Washington Post tracked him down: He's going to law school!

In September of 2007, Andrew Meyer was catapulted to viral stardom by a YouTube video of him begging campus police not to tase him, bro, after an outburst at a John Kerry speech at the University of Florida. (We just revisited the video and, yep, it's still good.) Fast forward four years later and he's going to law school at Florida International University: "I got a taste of the system," Meyer told the Post. It made him " "want to know how to defend myself. Want to be able to help people."

He's still not over the whole tasing thing, though:

"I don't go out of my way to watch it, but it comes up sometimes," Meyer says. "Every time I see it, it's still painful. People talk about the Taser as if it were nothing. Maybe some people have been tased, and they didn't feel it. When I felt it, it was excruciating."

Well, that's one more argument against cops' overuse of tasers. It turns people into lawyers. [Washington Post via Above the Law, image via AP]