In your finally Friday media column: America's love affair with political media knows no bounds, Twitter will get reporters fired, Katie Couric leaning towards ABC, Elizabeth Spiers has eyes everywhere, and Kurt Andersen's, um, indie bistro of words.

  • Americans sure are crazy for politics! And well-informed! In a new survey, the most trusted political news source is Fox News, and the political reporter that most Americans say they trust the most is "don't know." Keep up the good civic participation, America.
  • The National Labor Relations Board says that the Arizona Star was within its rights to fire a reporter for writing things on Twitter that the Arizona Star did not like. So, reporters everywhere, fair warning: you'rea ll going to be fired tomorrow.
  • Mandatory Katie Couric news update of the day: she's reportedly close to signing a deal with ABC to do an afternoon talk show. Just fucking sign, Katie! Anything to get you out of the news every day!
  • Elizabeth Spiers is preparing to relaunch the website and the print version of the New York Observer. That's a lot of relaunching! But is she keeping her eyes on the prize? "If Spiers has one of her intense eyes focused on the past, however, the other is fixed on the future." Be careful—you'll fall down!
  • Ha, Hugo Lindgren dug this out of the trash: Kurt Andersen's persnickety "Words We Don't Use" list from back in the 90s, when Andersen was editing New York magazine. Hey Kurt, I bet you never would have guessed, that over a decade later we'd still be using those words—but ironically. The future is more zeitgeist-y than you ever could have imagined.

[Photo of America's real best political reporter via AP]