The battle over federally subsidized loans for for-profit colleges is one of the biggest in Washington these days, as the Education Department is finalizing its rules to crack down on this shady industry which some might suggest only exists to take money from poor people. But still, how is one supposed to resist the industry's recruiting ads showing sexy coeds in their pajamas?

As Sen. Dick Durbin explained yesterday, one high profile company which connects prospective students to career colleges,, lures students into the world of frequently useless for-profit degrees and punishing lifelong debt with commercials of young ladies lying in bed in their underwear, supposedly taking online courses. Would you like to have sex with this person? You would? Well here's $100k in loans for a couple of algebra CDs, now go arrange a study session with her!

The Hill reports:

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Thursday night blasted for-profit colleges that he said don't always provide quality education and can leave prospective students in debt. In particular, he criticized an advertisement saying you can get an education while staying at home in bed in your pajamas.

"The ad that just really troubles me shows a lovely young woman who says you can go to college in your pajamas," he said. "You don't even have to get out of bed to go to college, and she's got a computer on her bed there."

"I don't believe anybody should fall for that, but some must, and they end up signing up for these for-profit schools, getting deep in debt with a worthless diploma when it's all over," he added.

Give us a break, Dick Durbin. We've all seen those misleading Democratic Senate candidate recruitment ads of Dick Durbin lying in bed wearing nothing but a jockstrap while sucking off strawberries.