In your odd Thursday media column: an old reporter goes on a Facebook-shaming rampage, the Boston Globe is suddenly "not for sale," Dick Ebersol retires, Bill Keller is still talking, and Al Gore says News Corp's censoring his network.

  • Here's what Chuck Goudie, asshole middle-aged reporter for the Arlington Heights Daily Herald, wrote about Rahm Emanuel's new 25 year-old press secretary: "It is interesting that the mayor's new press secretary felt no inhibition about displaying hundreds of personal photos on her public Facebook page, showing her partying with friends, in beach attire and at a slot machine." Chuck, you're the first person who've ever successfully made us feel sympathy for a government flack. You are, indeed, an asshole middle-aged reporter extraordinaire.
  • Here is an inexplicable thing: after a long, drawn-out process by a Boston businessman to assemble a team of investors and make a bid to buy the Boston Globe, New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson comes out today and says the Globe is "not for sale."Uhh, maybe could have mentioned that before the dude went to all that trouble??? Actually what she probably means is "the Boston Globe is not for sale for less than a fifth of what we paid for it." To which we'd say, take the money and run. YOU FOOLS. It's Boston. Get out while you can.
  • Dick Ebersol is resigning as head of NBC Sports after more than 20 years on the job. Will this mean that certain sporting events on NBC will eventually move to other channels? Who cares?
  • New York Times technology-lover Nick Bilton wrote a little response to his boss Bill Keller's latest curmudgeonly institutionally-embarrassing column yesterday. And Bill wrote him a response! "Second, my point is not that Twitter makes us stupid. That was a hashtag I tweeted, a premise followed by an invitation: 'discuss.' I sent it to demonstrate that for all the things Twitter is, it's not a very good venue for intelligent discussion." Bill Keller is a smug prick. Discuss. Agree? Disagree? Either way, it proves that the mode of transmission which you use to communicate is a poor one. Because my name is Bill Keller.
  • Al Gore says that News Corp is forcing his network, Current TV, off the air in Italy just because they hired Keith Olbermann. How bizarre! Come on, Rupert. If you forced everyone who hates you off the air, we'd all just be left watching Fox News, and that would be... very much to your liking. Oh.

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