Members of Sea Shepherd, the least cool gang of self-styled pirates currently operating on the open seas, are setting off on an important new crusade: stopping tuna poaching off the coast of Libya.

Next month, two Sea Shepherd ships will be patrolling the Mediterranean coast of Libya "with the goal of intercepting bluefin tuna poachers and freeing any illegally caught fish in attempt to save the species from nearing extinction," according to a statement from the group. "The Sea Shepherd deck crew and bridge officers have been outfitted with bulletproof vests for this campaign in the event that the poachers are armed and potentially violent." And if things get really hairy, they can just call NATO to bail them out!

Here's a thought: Maybe Sea Shepherd's energies would be better used somewhere else, for the time being at least? There are a few more pressing issues to deal with in Libya these days (war, refugees, shortages of basic supplies, stuff like that). And really, what do they expect to accomplish by having some grouchy old white dude yell at fishermen through a megaphone? No shit, poaching sucks. But wouldn't it be a little more helpful (and timely) to use those fancy boats to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Libya?

In the Annals of Assholery, this one's right up there with the worst.

[Image via AP]