Those of you who weren't converts already will gaze at this one image, this first image from the movie (sorta) and you will realize. Also today: TNT does something wholly new and exciting and Ben Affleck's outta the Hamptons.

  • Omgggggggg. Welcome to District My Head Just Exploded. Entertainment Weekly has released a first-ever photo of Jennifer Lawrence as our blood-soaked heroine Katniss in the big movie adaptation of The Hunger Games. Look at her! There she is! She looks good? She looks good. I'm excited, guys. In case you couldn't tell. (Really I'm half-kidding about all this Hunger Games insanity. I'm interested in it, because I liked the books, but you know, my head didn't really explode. I still have my skull and brains and stuff, just in case you were worried.) [EW]
  • At their little upfronts presentation, drama-knowing cable network TNT formally announced their spin-off of The Closer, a Mary McDonnell-starring (yay!) series called Major Crimes. I'm told that everyone gasped loudly at the news, women clutching their pearls in shock, respectable men losing their monocles, a young debutante fainting in surprise. "A criminals show, on Turner's Home Moving-Picture Concern??? I can't believe we live in such a world! What a time to be alive!" Everyone was just really, really shocked that TNT is doing a show about police and crime, because nope, they never do shows about police and crime. So strange. What a day. I wish I could have been there. [THR]
  • I wish I knew Meryl Streep. I wish Meryl Streep was a friend of mine. Still, Maggie Gyllenhaal, you are no Meryl Streep. And yet, Gyllenhaal has just been tapped to replace Meryl Streep as Marie Curie in a reading of a new play by Alan Alda at Alice Tully Hall. An outrage! The nerve! I demand a meeting of the Actors Council to punish Ms. Gyllenhaal for her vanity and presumptuousness. [NYT]
  • Hm, this is interesting. It had been rumored for a while that Ben Affleck would be playing Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's scary-sounding Great Gatsby movie. But now Baz is facing some budget concerns so is rounding out the cast (DiCaprio, Mulligan, and Maguire still remain, one assumes) with cheaper actors. So he's gone and tapped Animal Kingdom's scruffy/tough/cute Joel Edgerton for the Tom role instead of Affleck. I like it! Maybe he should go and recast the whole thing. Get ridda Tobey first. [Deadline]
  • Oh gawd. Do you love watching a bunch of rum-soaked, syphilitic meat sacks bellow and barf and belay in ropes courses? Then you will love watching the trailer for The Challenges, aka MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, now renamed because no one remembers Road Rules anymore and everyone from that show is now in their 50s anyway. So, OK! CT's back, of course, as is sad Paula, of course, and sad Jen, and sad everyone else. They are all so sad and must stink of sweat and disappointed parents all the time and yet they are so entertaining! Oh god, I cannot stop watching them fart and fuck and fall down. I just cannot stop. [EW]